Sami values

UK building regulations have historically been less stringent than those of Scandinavia and though they have been greatly enhanced in recent years, houses from there usually have a greater level of insulation than is used here. Sustainability, energy efficiency and use of eco-friendly materials are a way of life in Scandinavia, so it follows that the houses they build are well designed, energy efficient and built to last.

Timber is the most abundant resource available for house building in Scandinavian countries and they have been creating homes this way for centuries. Indeed timber buildings which are several centuries old are still in everyday use. These homes are made from timber framed sections using Swedish and Finnish wood from sustainably managed forests, with high levels of insulation for comfort and energy efficiency.

Typical air permeability: 2.3m3/hr.m2 @ 50Pa or better

Typical U values for the elements of our houses are as follows:

Type of Element Area weighted average U value (W/m2K) for all elements of the same type Building Regulations Part L1A limiting fabric parameters (W/m2K)
Wall 0.15 / 0.13 0.3
Floor 0.1 0.25
Pitched Roof
(Insulation at ceiling level)
0.083 0.2
Pitched Roof
(Insulation at rafter level)
0.108 0.2
Flat roof or roof with integral insulation 0.092 0.2
Windows 0.9 (roof windows 1.4) 2.0
Doors 1.0 2.0

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