In an age of rising energy costs, climate change, and a desire to protect the environment, our houses are the perfect solution to your desire for a dream home that is also sustainable and energy efficient. Many people have heard of the Passivhaus, which is held to be the ideal standard for sustainability, however, they may not realise that you can achieve similar levels of air tightness and energy efficiency with our designs, without the price tag that accompanies a Passivhaus.

We use sustainably grown timber, sourced from as near to the factory as possible, and all offcuts are used to help dry the timber and heat the building. Using wood for the structure locks up carbon within the building, keeping it there for the lifetime of your home.

Wherever possible we also suggest using environmentally friendly products such as paints and floor sealants when we finish your home.

Wall element construction


Typical air permeability: 1.5m3/hr.m2 @ 50Pa or better

Typical U values for the elements of our houses are as follows:

Type of Element Area weighted average U value (W/m2K) for all elements of the same type Building Regulations Part L1A limiting fabric parameters (W/m2K)
Wall 0.14 0.3
Floor 0.1 0.25
Pitched Roof
(Insulation at ceiling level)
0.083 0.2
Pitched Roof
(Insulation at rafter level)
0.108 0.2
Flat roof or roof with integral insulation 0.092 0.2
Windows 0.9 (roof windows 1.4) 2.0
Doors 1.0 2.0

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