Garden Buildings

Perhaps you’re looking for a home office, where you can work in a comfortable, quiet and calming environment. Or maybe you need an extra space where teenagers can hang out and not disturb you. A log building has the benefit of providing a lot of natural insulation from the external log wall, but can also have an insulation layer and comes with double glazed windows and doors. The insulated option means that the interior can optionally be finished with plasterboard for a clean appearance, or log cladding for a more Scandi look, neatly hiding cables.

Yoga studio, playroom, den, annexe for dependent relative or guest accomodation – what would you use your beautiful garden building for?

We can also supply high quality, exceptionally styled garages and carports to replace that prefab concrete monstrosity you have always hated.

Take a look at the options and get in touch today.

Garden rooms, Studios, Offices, and Saunas

Garages and Carports


Melissa 36

Stylish and filled with light

Go to page: Melissa 36

Loiste Range

A fabulous log range that includes garden buildings, holiday…

Go to page: Loiste Range

Aamu 11

A sauna building that is also perfect as an…

Go to page: Aamu 11

Noppa 25

A perfect modern garden office

Go to page: Noppa 25

Pinja 25

A modern garden log building

Go to page: Pinja 25

Aino 15

A cute sauna building for your garden

Go to page: Aino 15

Pinja 35

A modern style garden building

Go to page: Pinja 35

Ahti 29

An unusual garden building

Go to page: Ahti 29

Alina 25

Relaxation sorted!

Go to page: Alina 25

Kielo 25

A fantastic looking office and sauna room

Go to page: Kielo 25

Kielo 30 A/B

A superb quality garden room to be proud of

Go to page: Kielo 30 A/B

Nella 20

A stylish modern mono-pitch sauna building

Go to page: Nella 20

Silmu 25

Office, meeting room or chill out space?

Go to page: Silmu 25

Elviira 25

A beautiful garden room for outside enjoyment

Go to page: Elviira 25

Silmu 20

Classical shaped garden building

Go to page: Silmu 20

Tervaranta 20

A lovely garden building for your leisure

Go to page: Tervaranta 20

Tervaranta 25

A lovely small garden cabin

Go to page: Tervaranta 25

Sofia Range

Sofia is available in a variety of sizes and…

Go to page: Sofia Range

Aalto 31

Summer House and Sauna model, ideal as a garden…

Go to page: Aalto 31

Carport 28

Single carport and workshop

Go to page: Carport 28

Carport 30

Single carport and workshop / store

Go to page: Carport 30

Carport 50

Double carport and workshop / store

Go to page: Carport 50

Carport 52

Double carport and workshop / store

Go to page: Carport 52

Carport 56

Double carport and large workshop

Go to page: Carport 56

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