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Looking for a stylish and luxurious log home for healthy and energy-efficient living? Definitely not your typical log cabin, we are delighted to offer a beautiful range of Finnish log houses from Finland’s premier manufacturers.

Finnish homes are designed for comfortable, sustainable and healthy living, being conceived for life above the Arctic Circle. Wood acts both as an insulator and moisture regulator; therefore the air in log houses is easy to breathe. Due to the clean indoor air, log houses are also an excellent option for people with allergies. The collection shown is a small selection from a wide portfolio, and proves that not only do log homes have “wow factor”, they can be contemporary too.

Any size, any number of bedrooms, multiple different styles: just tell us how you want to organize your living space, and we’ll create the perfect layout to suit you. If a log home is what you’re really looking for, you have a great variety of options both in size and design of your home. From traditional rounded log, to smooth planed logs with clean, contemporary corners, your new home can be rustic or modern.

We provide a construction service, but if you have want to be hands-on, and have the necessary time and enthusiasm, we can supply a kit that you can build it yourself.

Take a look and call us right away.


Loiste Range

A fabulous log range that includes garden buildings, holiday…

Go to page: Loiste Range


Spectacular windows make the Melissa a stunning home

Go to page: Melissa


A superb 3 bedroom residence or holiday retreat

Go to page: Soina


A cosy home with a loft space you can…

Go to page: Ihana

KotiOnni 249

The Happiness House – a range of homes designed…

Go to page: KotiOnni 249


An idyllic home for your plot with a view.

Go to page: Varpu


A home of exceptional individuality

Go to page: Odessa


An impressive and elegant home

Go to page: Kuisma


Balcony and terrace promote outdoor living

Go to page: Hanna


An open, airy, modern home

Go to page: Kaarna


Sofia is available in a variety of sizes and…

Go to page: Sofia


A smart, modern home

Go to page: CityHouse


Log home architecture at its best

Go to page: Huvikaari

Jaakko 187

A light and bright log house

Go to page: Jaakko 187

Juhani 182

Light and bright are the key concepts in this…

Go to page: Juhani 182


A small home, but perfectly formed

Go to page: Koivuranta

Leila 158

Perfect for a rural idyll

Go to page: Leila 158


A roomy home for the larger family

Go to page: Lumina


Light and airy open plan living

Go to page: Marina


A stylish house for the smaller family

Go to page: Oona


A perfect family home

Go to page: Jakala


A spacious 2 bed in classic Finnish style

Go to page: Estella

Piki 70

A stunning modern timber house

Go to page: Piki 70

Pouta 164

A smart modern log home with lots of light

Go to page: Pouta 164

Pouta 190 and 213

A classy and classic family home

Go to page: Pouta 190 and 213

Ratamo 86

A Smart, Modern Home

Go to page: Ratamo 86

Ulpukka 172

A covered veranda extends your living space

Go to page: Ulpukka 172

Emmi 85

A stylish and attractive single storey log home

Go to page: Emmi 85

Kuulas 54

A super small lodge for holiday letting

Go to page: Kuulas 54

Veera 63

Two bedroom holiday home or garden annexe

Go to page: Veera 63

Veera 89

Two part single storey log holiday home

Go to page: Veera 89

Veera 100

A super log home or holiday let with its…

Go to page: Veera 100

Veeti 65

Two bedroom log holiday home or garden annexe

Go to page: Veeti 65

Veeti 106

A beautiful and versatile three bed log bungalow

Go to page: Veeti 106


Single Unit Mobile Lodge

Go to page: Inari


Double Unit Mobile Lodge

Go to page: Saimaa

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