Log House Delivery Specification (H)

Log House Delivery Specification (H)

Our log houses are manufactured in sections in a Finnish factory and shipped to the UK. The following describes the main parts of the structure included in the shipment. The remaining elements of a turnkey build are sourced and supplied in the UK, using Scandinavian products where appropriate.

Log Frame

Planed square log / laminated D log
Woodens dowels for connecting the logs
T boards for assembly of doors and windows
Load bearing columns
Adjusting bolts for columns
Damp proof course under bottom log
Sealing between logs
Seal for corners
Joining plates for logs and anchor nails
Corner bolts
Binder bolts where necessary
Wooden hammer for assembling logs


Log gables or panelled frame
Spring nails for assembly of bevelled logs
Wooden materials for insulation frame
Vertical frame materials c/c 600mm
Sliding fasteners and anchor nails
Nailing boards
Inside panelling

Internal walls

Log walls
Same as outer walls without corner bolts
Panel framed walls
Panelling on both sides

Roof construction

Roof boards
Ventilation battens
Roof rafters c/c 600mm
Special fasteners and anchor nails for rafters
Filling boards between rafters
Fascia boards
Nailing boards
Ceiling boards


Floor joists c/c 600mm
Support battens
Floor boards
Prefabricated balustrades
Load bearing beams and columns

Floor construction

Standard is to build on an insulated slab foundation


Suspended wooden floor (for 170mm insulation)
Support board
Floor joists c/c 600mm
Joist hangers and anchor nails
Floor boards for dry rooms, no floor for bathrooms. Locally supplied if required.

Finishing materials inside
Edge beads
Inside architraves
Fillet boards for internal doors

Internal doors
Assembly screws
WC locks for toilet and bathroom doors

Outer doors

Treated with lacquer
Frame and assembly screws
Adjustable hinges
Weatherstrips assembled
Lock cylinder with three keys
Detachable decorative lattice for window light

Opening windows

Surface treatment
Handles and fittings
Weatherstrips assembled

Fixed windows

Surface treatment

Finishing materials outside

Architraves, rain boards and decorations for doors and windows

Documents and services

Working drawings
Detail drawings
List of materials
Unloading guide


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