Jollas 172

A large, modern family house…

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Jollas 161

A 2 storey, 4 bedroom…

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Jollas 125

A smart L-shaped house with…

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Jollas Range

A stunning range of contemporary…

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Oslo Range

Perfect for a rural or…

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Oslo 140

Rural living in style

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Oslo 176

Modern L shaped bungalow for…

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Kontti 187

A full two storey cubist…

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Pouta Range

Log homes for modern living

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Aava 154

Large windows add to the…

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Pouta 120

4 bedroom modern bungalow perfect…

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Backas Range

Modern log homes with sheltered…

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Loiste Range

A fabulous log range that…

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Backas 165

A 2 storey, 4 bedroom…

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Kuura 179

A splendid coastal style house

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Linda Range

A range of 4 bedroom…

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Linda 209

A substantial family home

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Linda 189

A smart family home with…

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Linda 181

Classy family home with a…

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Loiste 88C

A super family home or…

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Skoone Range

Classic Scandinavian styling

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Kuura Range

The ideal coastal home

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Oodi Range

Modern Scandinavian good looks

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Villa Sandvik Range

Traditional styling in a bungalow…

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Modern styling at its best

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Skoone 105 + 21

Beautiful Scandinavian bungalow with annexe

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Skoone 135

Superb example of a Scandinavian…

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Traditional Finnish design giving four…

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Funco 168

A super modern pent roof…

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Oodi 172

A fabulous 4 bedroom, 1…

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Funco 166

A very modern barn style…

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Kuura 148

A modern two storey 4…

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Tammi 121

Traditional and stylish bungalow

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Villa Martin 148

Modern chalet style four bed…

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Villa Sandvik 155

Traditional New England styling

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Puolukka 150

A handsome 4 bedroom chalet…

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Skoone 175

Traditional Clean Scandinavian Lines

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A cosy home with a…

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KotiOnni 165

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 193

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 249

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 211

The Happiness House – a…

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An impressive and elegant home

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A smart, modern home

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A roomy home for the…

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Double Unit Mobile Lodge

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