The Building Societies Association has issued a report called Laying the Foundations for Modern Methods of Construction which suggests the use of offsite construction methods, like Scandinavian Homes’ timber frame and post and beam houses, could provide high quality affordable homes at a faster rate than is currently possible with traditional construction methods such as brick and block.

Richard Bacon MP, chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on self-build, custom and community housebuilding and placemaking, said: “Although there are numerous Government schemes to help first-time buyers buying their first property, we have not cracked the problem surrounding housing in the UK – it spreads across all tenures. If we are to produce enough houses, we need big changes.

“This area has seen huge changes in recent years. Bespoke houses which cost almost nothing to heat and that are made-to-measure for each customer, configured on a laptop and then delivered within weeks – erected on serviced plots with the broadband, water, electricity and gas already in place – are a reality now, but not yet at scale.”

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