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Aada 76

Aada 76

A distinctive single storey, 2 bedroom home

Aada 76 has very distinctive angled windows at the front, making it particularly light with a fine view, and is a single storey home with plenty of space for either two bedrooms, or alternatively a luxurious double bedroom and bathroom making it a spacious home, or perhaps a holiday getaway, for a couple. 

This home is constructed with insulated log walls to exceed UK building regulations, with a choice of log thickness and level of insulation. Cross-jointed or modern corner joints are optional to give a traditional or contemporary look. 

Log homes may be finished in any colour(s) and roofed in almost any material to complement their surroundings, such as shingles, slates, tiles and modern or traditional profiled steel sheeting. 


  • Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms
  • Floor Area: 69 m²

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