Community housing charity Giroscope, based in Hull, is looking to move into community self-build as a step on from its well-established renovation schemes.

Giroscope buys and renovates empty properties and rents these at an affordable rent to people in housing need – for example, people on low incomes or claiming benefits, young people, single parents or people living in temporary accommodation. They try to involve prospective tenants in the renovation of their homes, to give people a feeling of ownership of their property. In early 2018 they plan to begin construction of their own Self-Build Community Housing project on land behind their headquarters. If they can secure planning permission, they intend to build five homes on the plot, with some of the future prospective tenants joining in with the build.

A prototype timber frame has been temporarily installed at the site to give volunteers and tenants an idea of what will be involved in the real project.

Caroline Gore-Booth, project manager at the charity, is quoted as saying that said the self-build scheme in Coltman Street could be the first of many.

“We have been talking about doing something like this for years,” she said. “Hopefully, if we can get through planning we are looking to start on site next spring.”

If the Coltman Street project is successful, the charity says it will look at other small potential development sites in Hull for similar self-build projects.

You can see the progress of the prototype build on Giroscope’s Twitter feed here