Steve Rotheram is the newly elected, first Metro Mayor for Liverpool City, and he has a manifesto for improving the housing situation in the city region. His ideas to deal with what he regards as the poor state of housing in the area include:

  1. A “high-level housing summit” to be convened within his first 100 days in office, drawing together local authorities, housing providers, and government agencies to develop a “strategy and early actions to make… a fairer, greener housing market”.
  2. The Metro Mayor’s ‘Housing Challenge’ competition which he hopes will help to identify and pilot new ways to meet the area’s housing needs. Amongst others he mentions 21st century community mutual and co-operative models, self-build initiatives, and alternative and sustainable construction methods.  His manifesto says that the goal will be to “foster strong, vibrant and empowered communities across the City Region”.
  3. He intends to use strategic planning and housing powers to encourage better use of brownfield land.
  4. He has outlined plans to develop more eco-friendly and energy-efficient housing – championing innovative and sustainable building and support initiatives for ‘Eco Homes’ and super-efficient ‘Passivhaus’ developments.


This all sounds very positive for the future of self-build, energy efficient, timber housing in the Liverpool City region.  If you would like to read what else the new Mayor has to say about his plans in general, you can read his manifesto here