Incredibly, it is almost 2 years since we published our blog Learning From Other People’s Experiences – Our Top 5 Self-build Blogs, so we thought it was time we did a bit of an update. The blogs we recommended back then are still there and still well worth a read, but we’ve found some new ones from around the globe for you to check out.

Sarah and Guy Build A House is the story of a couple who start off wanting to demolish an old cottage and build their dream timber frame home, and end up having to renovate the cottage when the planners say NO. It’s not strictly a self build blog, but it’s actually too good not to share with you. It’s written very much in Sarah’s ‘voice’, and she talks us through what they got up to, and provides some pictures to go with the text. It’s a chatty, friendly tone, with plenty of humour and humanity in it.

Floyd Weaver’s high performance house build – A blog chornicling [sic] the building process. This one starts off very much as a photo blog showing everything to do with the build, so it’s a bit of a long read, but interesting. The commentary is minimal but fairly dry. The later posts however are mostly various stats to do with house energy performance, and possibly less interesting to most people.

Self Build Passive House (Passivhaus) is a fairly dry blog that focuses on design and engineering decisions and techniques. It’s not one to read for a fun and lively account of a house being built, but it does contain a wealth of technical information and instruction for the novice self builder. Follows the self build of a Building Control Officer in Allerdale, Cumbria, with lots of pictures, progress notes, and details of suppliers and contractors.

Diary of a House Build Near Munich Strictly speaking, this isn’t a blog, it’s a conversation on a forum. The poster known as Johnny English, a British expat living near Munich in Germany, posts details and pictures of the house he is building in a small Bavarian village where his wife’s family live. A number of other posters ask questions and share advice and their own experiences of house builds (or purchases). It’s light-hearted, informal, and a little different to the usual format, and gives some insight into building in a country where self-build accounts for over 60% of new homes built. This is actually a post on the professional blog of a Norwegian architecture firm. There are 4 posts in total on the blog describing this project. There’s sadly not an awful lot of detail in them, but it’s worth a quick look just to see how the Norwegians do it.

Newly Woodwards: An Unconventional Home  Moving on over the Atlantic, we meet experienced house renovators, the Woodwards, who have embarked on building their own home. There are lots of posts on the blog about the various stages of housebuilding (including one titled, weirdly, “Building Stairs For The UPS Guy”), and plenty of photos. The tone is conversational and friendly, and the posts are worth a read. There is also a link to a friend of theirs, also American, who is also building a house. Plenty of reading matter for you!

Ben and Kylie’s Build Diary This one is largely a photo blog of the building of a new house in New Zealand for young couple Ben and Kylie. There are BBQ’s in the shell of the master bedroom, numerous enthusiastic pieces about how much they love bits of the house (with plugs for the company responsible for supplying or building them), and a general level of rather glitzy and smiley ‘look at what we’re doing’, but the photos are good, and it is certainly interesting to see how someone approaches a house build on the other side of the planet. The format of the blog is a bit of a pain though, with no archive list of posts, you either have to use their navigation from the homepage to look at what THEY want you to see, or scroll down for ages to start at the beginning. We’d recommend this one be left till later if you’re planning on looking through all of the blogs we’ve recommended.

We hope you enjoy the stories we’ve found for you! Why not start your own blog of YOUR self-build journey and send us a link, so that we can tell other people about it?