Oslo Range

Perfect for a rural or…

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Oslo 104

Stunning barn style single storey…

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Oslo 140

Rural living in style

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Oslo 176

Modern L shaped bungalow for…

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Kontti D

Ultra-modern minimalism

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Lotta 108

A superb lakeside holiday lodge

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Lotta 65

Holiday accommodation with flair

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Sofia 62

Finnish open plan design at…

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Veeti Range

Perfect as a holiday home…

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Veera Range

Garden Annexe, Holiday Home or…

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Skoone Range

Classic Scandinavian styling

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Kuura Range

The ideal coastal home

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Oodi Range

Modern Scandinavian good looks

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Kastanje Range

Perfect open plan family living

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Villa Sandvik Range

Traditional styling in a bungalow…

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Skoone 105 + 21

Beautiful Scandinavian bungalow with annexe

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Skoone 135

Superb example of a Scandinavian…

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Kuura 134

A fabulous modern single storey…

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A compact L shape bungalow…

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Anna 89

A traditional bungalow with a…

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Haapala 162

A spacious traditional bungalow

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Kastanje 97

A perfect small home for…

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Funco 168

A super modern pent roof…

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Oodi 110

A fantastic modern pent roofed…

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Funco 90

A 2 bedroom bungalow with…

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Skoone 123

A stylish two wing single…

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Tammi 121

Traditional and stylish bungalow

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Kuura 128

Stylish pent roofed single storey…

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Villa Sandvik 109

2 bed bungalow with attractive…

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Kontti 140

L shaped cubist design for…

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Kontti 134

An ultra-modern cubic design

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