Kuura 179

A splendid coastal style house

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Linda Range

A range of 4 bedroom…

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Linda 209

A substantial family home

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Linda 189

A smart family home with…

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Linda 181

Classy family home with a…

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Skoone Range

Classic Scandinavian styling

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Kuura Range

The ideal coastal home

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Modern styling at its best

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Kuura 172

A picture of seaside life

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Funco 127B

A modern 2 storey 3…

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Funco 3

Attractive modern estate design

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Funco 127A

Modern 2 bedroom 2 storey…

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Funco 127C

Modern 2 storey 4 bed…

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Funco 166

A very modern barn style…

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Kuura 148

A modern two storey 4…

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Tammi 212

Traditional style two storey 5…

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Kontti 171

One of a modern cubist…

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Kontti 170

Cubist modernism at its best

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Skoone 175

Traditional Clean Scandinavian Lines

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Koivula 178

A 2 storey, 3 bedroom…

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A superb 3 bedroom residence…

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KotiOnni 165

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 193

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 249

The Happiness House – a…

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KotiOnni 211

The Happiness House – a…

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An impressive and elegant home

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A smart, modern home

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A roomy home for the…

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